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Akvipack official website, sales and service of equipment


We sale Equipment and spare parts for industrial factories




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Оборудование для упаковки по типу от Аквипак

Selection of equipment by type

We offer both separate machines for the production of various types of food and non-food products, and …

Выбор оборудования по продукту

Selection of equipment by product

Systems for the production of consumer goods, construction materials, processing of …

Пакет подушка для сыпучих продуктов

Selection of equipment by package

Packing into open bags with 1 seam, sleeve bags, into flowpack pillow type bags with 3 seams, valve bags …

Фабрика по производству комбикорма для животных от Аквипак

Selection of equipment by industry

Processing and packaging equipment for various industries, such as mining …

Аквипак - технологическое оборудование

About us

AKVIPACK - sales and service of industrial equipment

Our company sales processing and packaging equipment for various industries. We were formed as the result of merge of a trading company-supplier of packaging solutions for industrial enterprises and manufacturing company, that produces machines and devices of various types. Main direction of our activities is a complex supply to Russian …


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Work with us

Our activities are aimed at promoting the most modern packaging products and technological solutions at reasonable prices.


Mission of our company is to provide to the customers innovative solutions for …


Akvipack performs step-by-step systematic integration of the advanced technologies …


We focus on continuous quality improving of our products and services to provide the …

Privacy policy

Privacy policy and information protection is regulated in Russia under The Federal law …


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