Our mission

Mission of our company is to provide to the customers innovative solutions for packaging and product protection during transportation and storage, as well as the introduction of the advanced production technologies in our country, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and environment saving. Our conception allows us to optimize production efficiency and reduce unnecessary financial loss, arising because of the usage of obsolete types of equipment and packaging materials.
We strive to help to clients to find the optimal packaging solution, that allows you to achieve maximum protection of your products throughout the supply chain with regard to the requirements for the utilization, and integrate this solution into their production practice. Introduction of full concept with replacement of the obsolete technological equipment to modern production lines and changing the packaging by eliminating the irrelevant materials with transformation to modern 100% recyclable transport packaging allows our customers to stand on a par with leading global corporations, re-brand the company, improve its image and significantly increase sales volume in full accordance with the concept of sustainability.
We believe that respect for the community of people, among whom we do our business, and orderly conduct of socially and environmentally responsible policies of the company positively impact on quality of life, make us reliable and desirable partner for many industrial enterprises of Russia in various fields.
We work to serve the needs of people and communities in our country, promoting the highest quality of our products and services, and guided by the principle of system approach to the needs of our customers, always asking «How can we help You?». We deliver reliable, customer — oriented packaging and process solutions for a wide range of businesses, including food production, logistics companies, mining industry, deep processing factories, manufacturers of consumer goods and electronics, household appliances, industrial chemistry, energy and utilities. We offer advanced concepts, aimed to the realization of products and services, providing guaranteed and reasonable return of investment of our partners, with the aim of improving the lives of people in our country, thus bringing to the fore social responsibility of business. In our work we are guided with core principles:

  • creating customer-focused solutions
  • deep understanding of the production processes of our customers
  • continuous improvement of packaging solutions and technologies
  • providing of diversified range of products, services and technological solutions
  • reasonable concept of pricing and principle of resource saving
  • full support of the customers during all stages of the project, starting from the first call
  • provide warranty and post-warranty service
  • tracking and elimination of deficiencies, emerged during the operation process
  • maintaining long-term relationships with clients
  • adherence to the principle of sustainability
  • introduction of the advanced technologies
  • taking care for the environment and social responsibility of business
  • constant search for the new products and solutions for integration to the domestic production