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Akvipack - sustainability


Trend in packaging

Akvipack performs step-by-step systematic integration of the advanced technologies into the Russian industrial practice. Replacement of classic packaging solutions to modern one, based on renewable resources, is an actual direction of the packaging industry. We introduce the most advanced production solutions into the food and processing industry factories, by implementing the concept of sustainable development. This concept is actively supported by leading global corporations, represented on the Russian market. The main concept of sustainability is an introduction of the advanced production technologies and environmentally friendly packaging, made of recycled raw materials. European companies have already been introduced this trend in our market and, recently, it is increasingly developing. It is an objective process, because people want to improve continuously social, economic and natural environment around themselves. In our work, we want to focus on cooperation with companies working in this field.


For us, the most important aspect of our activity — is the consistent improvement of business environment and communities, in which we do business. We strive to improve continuously our solutions, empowering customers, who uses our equipment and packaging materials, to reach a fundamentally new level of development for their production. The most important factor of our business is taking care about saving of the environment and reducing negative effects of human economic activity on nature. Therefore, we focus on the promotion of innovative business practices and introduce so-called green packaging technologies. Reason of that is the possibility of recycling already used shipping tare with subsequent production of the new products, based on the recycled raw materials. We offer variants of technological equipment, which are also aimed to achieving this goal. We offer our clients solutions that have a minimal negative impact on the environment and strive to reduce energy costs, arising in the production process.

Customer development

Thanks to considerable experience and in-depth knowledge of the customers technology, we analyze all the specificity of our customers production, including logistics, warehousing, production cycle, product sales. In accordance with this information we prepare customized solutions, focused on the results in this particular company and taking into account the prospects of the buyer. This approaching helps us to work with clients and allows to successfully introduce into the Russian industrial practice the most advanced packaging and technological solutions, that impacts not only on the financial results of the individual customer, but also on the entire business community. Modern technologies allow our customers to run a successful business not only on the local market, but also successfully take our products to the international market, gradually integrating into the world community. We consistently improve and upgrade packaging technology and production facilities of our customers, based on carefully thought-out principles of lean manufacturing, which has very positive impact on the image of the manufacturer. Within our company there is a continuous process of further deepening and expanding the impact of our methods on the quality of business processes. Working with us, our customers significantly increase the confidence of the customers to its products; this has a direct impact on sales and profitability of the company. Taking care of the final consumers of products and development of our customers — is our main priority. In plans for the future we see further improvement and integration of ecologically friendly technologies into the Russian market, what will significantly improve the life quality of many people and change for the better our business community. This, in our point of view, is the sustainability of our company.