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Akvipack Packaging processing equipment production sales


About us

Akvipack sales and supplies packaging and technological equipment for various industries. The main direction of our activity is complex supply to Russian enterprises with modern technological equipment. The team of our company implements projects of technological modernization of various production facilities on a turnkey basis. Our company has its own technical service, which has extensive experience with European and Russian packaging and production equipment. We supply European packaging lines and production equipment for a wide range of food and non-food products and equip with that equipment on a turnkey basis food, mining, chemical, processing and agricultural enterprises, construction materials productions, livestock and poultry complexes, packaging and other industries. Our engineers have considerable experience in implementing complex industrial production projects. In addition to the direct development and implementation of projects, we provide a full range of after-sales activities: warranty and post-warranty service, technical support, training of customer personnel, consulting, and providing of spare parts. We specialize on customized processing solutions for the industry, based on complex customer requirements. We continuously improve our packaging and technological solutions, ensuring sustainable development of the company and our customers. Our activities are aimed at promoting the most modern packaging products and technological solutions at reasonable prices. The company has been operating since 2008.