Cooperation with us

Akvipack invites European, American and Chinese manufacturers to beneficial and long-term cooperation. We have large customers database, our own team of professional sales managers, great experience both in sales and service and engineering team, experienced with complex technological projects for industrial factories throughout Russia and former CIS. We understand importance and difficulty of entering the new markets in high uncertainty risks environment. The original manufacturer has limited resources often, especially in view of the lack of necessary information fields, access to the market and contacts with potential customers. How to increase sales in this case? You will need an official distributor, who knows local market situation and has well developed network of contacts with potential consumers. Local distributor has more penetration level in required industry to promote the product of the manufacturer. We offer opportunities to promote your products in Russia and former CIS countries.

Specific factors for doing business in Russia

  • wide geographical dispersion of the potential consumers and long distances
  • transport and seasonal availability of certain regions
  • availability of information and level of knowledge of modern communication systems by the population
  • existence of monopolies and oligopolies in certain segments of the Russian market
  • state regulation of several sectors of the national economics
  • private and confidential information about certain enterprises
  • confusing and difficult to understand for foreigners decision-making mechanism
  • there are hidden factors that affect on the implementation of projects
  • multiplication effect of the projects
  • peculiarities of communication with Russian customers, which are not typical business practice in EU, USA, China

Our company with great pleasure invites the European, American and Chinese companies to cooperate in the area of manufacturing automation for sales to Russia of the industrial equipment and new technologies, suppliers of raw materials and packaging materials, and we will consider any variants and forms of interaction in B2B segment.

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Equipment Sales to the Russian Market

Having many years of experience in equipment sales to Russia of foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEM), especially European companies, we are interested mostly in cooperation with the manufacturers, which offer unique and rare technologies. We have team of highly qualified specialists in the field of sales in Russia and maintenance of complex industrial and packaging equipment, experience in maintaining of the long-term partnership relations with Russian customers and European companies, as well as in-depth knowledge of sales to Russia process with a long cycle of decision making. Our experience and professionalism, as well as an extensive customer database in combination with the advanced technology will work together to achieve significant results in promoting Your company on the Russian market. Cooperation with our company will allow You to significantly raise up level of your sales to Russia in B2B segment, to enter and secure your position on the Russian market.

Primarily we are interested in

  • manufacturers of industrial and packaging machinery
  • manufacturers of packaging materials and raw materials for packaging
  • companies, associated with production of environmentally friendly materials
  • manufacturers of the new technologies and equipment
  • manufacturers of equipment for food production and packaging

We are happy to consider any other proposals in the related area for cooperation. Send us some information about your company including contact details, small presentation, product catalog. We will contact You soon and discuss possible cooperation. Looking forward to Your suggestions!